This is Matt Kolon’s personal site. I’ve worked in telecom technology, business development, and sales (for Juniper, Cisco, Brocade) since the mid ’90s. I lived in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Tokyo 2005-2017.

In late 2017 I moved back to the US to find that my former employer wanted me back. So I’m now a partner and senior MTS at Hill Associates sometimes I even get called the CTO.

You can write to me at matt@kolon.org or matt@hill.com, or find me on Twitter or Strava. I’m not on Facebook (why would you do that to yourself?) and barely on LinkedIn, but you can find my listing here.

Finally, why this page? I’m contrary kind of guy, I guess, and while I set up profiles on Facebook and other social media sites in their early days, it soon became obvious that this was a trick to create valuable bodies of personal information for marketing purposes, which we’ll all keep updated for everlasting use by the companies who own them. So I mostly opted out. If you want my info, you’ll have to come here to find it.